It’s true,  prevent a puncture as seen on RTE’s Dragons Den is available in Dublin exclusively at Bikeworld for two wheels. This is not like all your other tyre sealants on the market, this does everything they don’t, its a game changer. See for more info.

Bikeworld have been appointed distributor for two wheels for Ireland and the UK and we are delighted to bringing  this to the two wheels market.

Some information from the manufacturers website:

  • Prevent-A-Puncture is a patented, next generation product that is installed in your tyres and prevents the punctures occurring in the first place.
  • Prevent-A-Puncture has been manufactured for use in fast moving tyres unlike some products that have been on the market previously or are still on the market.
  • Prevent-A-Puncture is not a quick fix for when you have a puncture like some products on the market.
  • Once Prevent-A-Puncture is added to your tyres, there will be no more punctures and no more air loss.
  • Prevent-A-Puncture will continue to prevent punctures for the life of tyre.
  • Prevent-A-Puncture comes with a full money back guarantee and does not affect the warranty of your car tyres.


  • Up to <250cc From €45 per set
  • Up to <650cc From €75 per set
  • Up to <2300cc From €95 per set

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